Scary Jerri


Scary Jerri

Scary Jerri

This is my friend Jerri,
People think he’s quite scary.
It’s not true I insist,
You must come and see,
Just how kind my Jerri can be.

Jerri can lift heavy things,
Things only he can see.
He does this because he likes to,
That’s how kind my Jerri can be.

These things he says are difficult,
Especially for children to bare.
He only wants to help you,
Take it from me, I swear.

The young need help like I did,
Once upon a time long ago.
Jerri came to help me,
This I believe is so.

Night after night he visited,
Watching and waiting for me.
I was frightened at first,
Where in the darkest corner he lurked,
But then he explained it to thee.

You’ll feel light as a feather,
And like a bird you’ll fly free.
You’ll make new friends,
And come visit with me.
We’ll play games and have fun,
I know it, you’ll see,
You’ll see,
You’ll see,
You’ll see,

Oh yes, you will see.
See how kind my Jerri can be.

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